Congratulatory Remarks by Han Duck-soo


Han Duck-soo, Chairmain, Climate Change Center, Former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea

First of all, it is a great pleasure to take part of this occasion to welcome and congratulate on holding the 2nd Seoul Climate-Energy Conference organized by Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and the distinguished organization “Coalition for Our Common Future” led by Mr. Sang-Hyup Kim.

The theme of this Conference is especially appropriate and meaningful in the sense that after such tremendous, strenuous and enduring global efforts, we are at last close to an agreement that will clearly engage 195 countries, and we know that drastic reform efforts will be required on the parts of all stakeholders, including government, global citizens, businesses, and NGOs to deliver the results of the agreement.

Because climate change is the most pressing agenda of our globe and to the extent the characteristic of this agenda is global, we definitely need our actions that are global in nature which make the cooperation in reaching the agreement all the more demanding. I really would like to offer my respects to those who initiated the process and contributed to the success of the agreement.

All of us here know so well that although we are close to some form of valuable agreement, the road we should travel to realize in full on our goal to realize low carbon society is still far and arduous. But with sincere and cooperative joint efforts that have been shown on the journey here, I firmly believe there is nothing we cannot achieve for saving the planet and securing the happy lives of our children and grandchildren.

I look forward to the fruitful discussions today and hope this conference will serve as an opportunity to renew our commitments to realize the goal.

Again, I congratulate on this important and meaningful conference and all the appreciations for the efforts of the staff of hosting organizations to make this conference possible.

Thank you.


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