[Climate Scouts X GGGI]Source of Our Solutions


Source of Our Solutions

Choi, Kyung Lim
The 3rd Climate Scouts

 Up 65% of Greenhouse gas emissions, specifically Carbon Dioxide emissions are from fossil fuel and industrial processes, and this number could potentially be reduced by renewable energy sources. Using nature as our source of energy, we have a limitless supply to generate electricity to meet our demands. Among many countries that have taken up the challenge, Korea determinedly stands as one. Currently, Seoul is rebranding its name as ‘the city of sun” which represents its new policies to harness the energy of the sun by incentivizing citizens to install solar panels.

Specifically, Seoul aims to install 1,000,000 solar panels to produce 1 Gigawatt of power by 2022. The approximate solar radiation that reaches Korea is 4KWh/m^2 which basically means that the country has a relative abundance of solar energy waiting to be utilized. Therefore, more than wind or biomass, solar rays would be the most effective method to meet Korea’s renewable goal. However, one of the main obstacles Seoul faces is concerning space. Therefore, they are working to install solar panels on rooftops rather than set aside one of its land as well as trying to device ways to install this over water. GGGI can help achieve this vision, being an intergovernmental organization that connects 28 countries around the world with their ultimate goal of having ‘Green Growth’. For an economy to have green growth, the society must be environmentally sustainable. GGGI could help spread this mission by highlighting its importance to more than just Seoul as Korea has many provinces that have yet to implement policies.

Taking into consideration these differences per country, which GGGI has done effectively so far, I believe we can get closer to a 100% renewable energy society. Additionally, GGGI has also actively partnered with developing countries that lack many resources, I believe that instead of going through the long, polluted process of a fuel-based market economy, these countries could make the ‘leap’ to clean and efficient technologies and systems if introduced appropriately. Being part of Climate Scouts, and meeting all these inspirational people working to tackle climate change, I have a newfound hope for the world


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